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100% Natural & Chemical Free blends of 100% pure essential oils.
Escents combines pure essential oils together to create Aromatherapy Wellness Blends of the highest quality and performance.
The sum of the parts of theses blends is greater than just one essential oil on it's own, the benefits are compounded and more powerful together in these well crafted pure aromas. 
Add them to a diffuser or any carrier or scentless base to create your own custom wellness products.
Synergy blend oils allow you to gain the benefits of multiple essential oils while enjoying a unique fragrance that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.
Specially formulated to tackle a variety of health issues, match your needs  to the blend suited to help. Dilute and use topically or in your favourite essential oil diffuser for the best effects.
Step into a World of Natural Wonders with Escents' Synergy Blends

Imagine a world where your senses lead you to peace, energy, and health. That's what Escents brings to your doorstep with our premium synergy blend of essential oils. Crafted from nature's finest, these blends are more than just scents—they're your new wellness partners. Each drop combines 100% natural, chemical-free essential oils, working together to amplify your health and happiness.

The Power of Synergy in Every Drop

Our secret? It's all about the synergy. When we mix these pure oils, they don't just add up—they multiply in benefits. That means each synergy essential oil blend is a potent potion ready to cater to your body's needs, whether it's calming your mind, giving your energy a boost, or easing those everyday aches and pains.

Blends Tailored to Your Life

- Feel Fresh with Breathe Easy Blend - Eucalyptus meets rosemary for that deep, clear breath you've been craving, wrapped up in our synergy blend of essential oils. Perfect for those looking to enhance their respiratory wellness, this blend makes each breath a refreshing journey into wellbeing.

- Revitalize with Detoxify Blend- Plunge into a refreshing pool of juniper berries and grapefruit, perfect for those days you need a little pick-me-up. This blend is your go-to for a detox session, leaving your skin glowing and your spirit uplifted.

- Shield Up with Cold & Flu Blend - Tea tree and thyme team up in this powerful blend, ready to stand guard against sniffles and sneezes. A must-have during the cold season, it's your natural armor against the germs that lurk in everyday life.

- Sharpen Your Focus Blend - Rosemary and grapefruit are your new study buddies, keeping your mind sharp and ready for anything. Ideal for work or study sessions, this blend helps cut through the fog, bringing clarity and concentration when you need it most.

- Ease Up with Muscle Relief Blend - Cypress and peppermint are here to soothe those tired muscles, offering a cool touch and warm embrace all at once. It's like a comforting hug for your muscles, perfect after a long day or a strenuous workout.

- Find Peace with Meditation Blend - Sandalwood and Neroli gently guide you to a place of quiet, perfect for moments of reflection. This blend invites you to deepen your meditation practice, anchoring you in the present moment with its grounding aroma.

- Boost Your Defense with Immune Boost Blend - Arm yourself with tea tree and thyme, nature's warriors against germs. In addition to its protective qualities, this blend is a reminder of your body's own strength and resilience, supporting your health from the inside out.

- Melt Stress Away With Stress Relief Blend - Neroli and Bergamot are your personal stress busters, bringing calm and brightness to your toughest days. It's like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, lifting your spirits and soothing your mind with every inhale.

- Drift into Dreams with Sleep Blend - Let chamomile and ylang ylang rock you into the sweetest slumber, night after night. This blend is not just for sleep but for a nightly ritual that prepares your mind and body for the restorative rest they deserve.

- Say Goodnight to Snoring with Snore B'Gone Blend - Lavender and thyme whisper a lullaby, promising silent nights ahead. Beyond its snore-stopping powers, this blend is a gentle reminder of the importance of deep, uninterrupted sleep for overall health and well being.

Your Wellness, Simplified

Using our blends is a breeze. Whether you're dabbing them on as a natural perfume, mixing them into your bath for a spa-like experience, or filling your room with their fragrances via a diffuser, we've made sure our synergy blends fit seamlessly into your life. Just remember, they're potent—so a little goes a long way.

Why Escents Stands Out

Choosing Escents means choosing a life more in tune with nature's rhythms. Our expertise in scent and dedication to purity means every bottle brings you closer to the earth's healing touch. With us, it's not just about the aroma but about the experience—a journey to wellness where every scent is a step toward feeling your best.

If you are all set for this aromatic adventure, our synergy blend oils are here to transform your daily routine into a celebration of natural wellness. With Escents' synergy blends of essential oils, every day is an opportunity to live better, breathe easier, and smile more.