Aromatherapy Bath Bombs - Best in the world!

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100% Natural & Chemical Free. Our Bath bombs are made with Vitamin E and Argan Oil to help heal and soften your skin. Relax and enjoy inhaling the benefits of this bath treat. 

Bliss in Every Bubble With Escents' Bath Bombs

Wouldn't you want to let your day's stress just fizz away as you step into your bath? With Escents' bath bombs, you can turn your bath into a sanctuary where every bubble bursts with the magic of nature, promising not just relaxation but a sensory journey that delights and soothes. With each soak, you're not just bathing but indulging in the luxury of the best natural bath bombs infused with essential oils for an unparalleled at-home experience.

When Aromatherapy Meets Bath Time

Envision yourself enveloped in a lavender field at peak bloom, courtesy of our Relaxation bath bomb that offers you the best of both worlds - the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy and the goodness of natural ingredients. Lavender and Geranium essential oils meld around you, their calming scents cradling you into a state of pure bliss. This isn't merely a bath — it's an aromatherapy retreat, a pause where the external world dims and peace reigns supreme.

Nature's Embrace in Every Soak

Escents champions the purity of natural bath bombs, lovingly crafted as odes to your skin. Fortified with Vitamin E and Argan Oil, these bath bombs transcend the spectacle of fizz and color. They rejuvenate your skin, leaving it moisturized, soft, and radiant. It's like bathing in nature's essence, where each bath bomb invites you to a ritual that nurtures and heals.

Your Personalized Therapeutic Retreat

In need of a boost or a clear breath? Immerse yourself in the therapeutic benefits of our Breathe Easy or Muscle Relief bath bombs infused with essential oil. Whether the refreshing caress of peppermint eases your tensions or the clear scent of eucalyptus purifies your thoughts, these essential oil-infused bath bombs open the doors to healing and rejuvenation.

Seasons in Your Bathroom

Crave the warmth of summer or a touch of tranquility? Our Summer blend bath bomb brings the joy of sunny days into your bath, while the Stress Relief bomb enfolds you in the comforting scents of Neroli and Bergamot. It's like conjuring your preferred season into your bathroom, customizing each bath to align with your desires and needs.

A Box of Delights

For those special moments when you wish to share the bliss of relaxation, our Mini Bath Bomb packs present the ideal expression of thoughtfulness. This collection, featuring our most beloved scents, stands ready to be gifted or cherished in your personal haven. Mix and match, crafting your unique concoction of calm.

Each bath bomb from Escents elevates your bathing routine, taking you to a world of relaxation, wellness, and pure joy. If you are all set for a brief escape not just from dirt but also from the mundane, shop from our selection of bath bombs.